What To Do During A Power Outage in Rural Ontario

Aug 14, 2023

In a world dependent on technology and constant connectivity, a power outage can feel like a sudden disruption to our daily lives. As screens go dark and appliances fall silent, we are forced to switch gears. In finding alternative ways to spend our time, families may gather for conversations by candlelight or dust off old board games.

Yet, beyond the inconvenience of offline work and leisure, a power outage can pose significant challenges for homeowners. This is especially true for rural homes, where the absence of electricity causes concerns that range from the lack of refrigeration to not having running water.

Let’s explore practical steps to take during a power outage, focusing on rural homeowners’ unique concerns and how a backup generator can provide a reliable solution.

Mitigating Food and Refrigeration Worries

When the power goes out, the clock starts ticking for the food in your fridge and freezer. To mitigate this, it’s a good practice to keep your fridge and freezer doors closed as much as possible. This helps maintain the cold temperature within.

During an extended outage, consider packing a cooler with ice packs and quickly transferring your perishable items. In order to prepare for this scenario, you’ll want to have ice packs in your freezer. Alternatively, freeze containers of water in advance; as these can serve as makeshift ice packs.

Ensuring Water Supply in Rural Homes

The absence of electricity in rural homes can lead to more than just inconvenience—it can disrupt daily necessities. Many rural homes rely on water from wells. Without power, most pumps and water filtration & softener systems won’t work; which means the taps run dry.

An essential consideration for rural homes is ensuring you have bottles of water on hand for emergency use. These come in especially handy during a power outage for both consumption and personal hygiene.

Illumination and Communication

It’s always a good idea to have candles or battery-powered lighting options on hand for emergency use. Invest in battery-powered flashlights and lanterns to ensure you have reliable sources of light during a power outage.

Keep batteries handy and make sure that everyone in your household knows where these supplies are located. Similarly, a battery-operated radio can keep you entertained – and informed, if the power outage is due to severe weather.

Staying Warm During Cold Weather

If a power outage occurs during colder months, staying warm becomes a priority. Layer your clothing and use blankets to trap body heat.

Avoid using gas stoves or charcoal grills for heating indoors, as these can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Instead, consider using safe alternative heating sources like battery-operated space heaters or wearing your outdoor clothing inside.

Powering Essential Devices

Identify essential devices like medical equipment or communication tools that need power during an outage.

Having a backup power supply, such as a portable charger or power bank, will ensure these devices remain functional.

The Solution for a Power Outage: Backup Generators

While taking these measures can alleviate the major concerns encountered during a power outage, the ultimate solution lies in having a backup generator. Regardless of how short or long the power outage lasts, you won’t have to prepare with the above tips if you have a backup/standby generator. A backup generator, like the Generac Generators Beattie Dukelow Electrical Inc. installs, can seamlessly kick in the moment the power goes out.

For rural homeowners, this means uninterrupted water supply, preserved food, and the ability to maintain a semblance of normalcy. With a backup generator, the worries that come with power outages become a thing of the past.

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