Landscaping for Energy Savings in Southeastern Ontario

Jun 17, 2024

In the quest for energy efficiency, homeowners often overlook a powerful ally right in their own backyards: landscaping. Strategic landscaping for energy savings is more than just beautifying your space. Additionally, it can play a crucial role in reducing your energy bills. In southeastern Ontario, where the sun often graces the south side of properties for the majority of the day, positioning your plantings wisely can lead to significant savings.

Harnessing the Power of Deciduous Trees

Planting deciduous trees on the south side of your property is a game-changer for energy savings.

During the summer, the lush foliage provides ample shade, thus reducing the need for air conditioning by blocking the intense southern sun. Furthermore, when these trees shed their leaves in winter, sunlight filters through, offering natural warmth to your home.

This simple adjustment to your yard can decrease your cooling costs by up to 30% and similarly reduce heating expenses.

Windbreaks: Your Winter Warriors

Cold winds can penetrate your home, forcing your heating system to work overtime.

Consequently, establishing windbreaks using evergreen trees and shrubs on the northern edges of your property can shield your home from chilling northern and northwestern winds.

By reducing wind speed, these natural barriers help maintain a warmer microclimate around your house, potentially cutting your heating costs by up to 30%.

Ground Cover: Cooling and Moisture Retention

Choosing the right ground cover can also impact your home’s energy consumption.

Ground covers such as creeping thyme and native grasses provide a cooling effect.

They keep the soil moist and cool, which reduces the temperature around your home and minimizes the need for air conditioning.

Climbing Vines: Nature’s Insulation

Utilizing climbing vines like ivy on trellises against your walls can create a buffer against heat in summer and cold in winter.

Moreover, these plants provide an additional layer of insulation by creating a space between their foliage and your home’s exterior, helping to regulate your indoor temperature more effectively.

Reflective Mulches: Bouncing Back the Sun

In your garden beds, consider using reflective mulches like straw or small stones.

These materials reflect sunlight away from your house, keeping the ground and adjacent air cooler.

This, in turn, helps to reduce the heat radiating toward your home.

A Greener Way to Save

Implementing these landscaping suggestions for energy savings may take some planning, but the results yield more than just putting more money back in your wallet. As you plan your garden and green spaces, think of each plant and tree as a part of your home’s energy-saving system.

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